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Big News! Shaelyn Makeup Artistry is Moving Abroad

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I am originally from Belgium. I don’t get to visit back home as much as I’d like to but everytime I’m there I imagine what it would be like living in Europe full-time again. It has always been a big “What if?” dream for me, but I’ve been building a really great business here in South Carolina, so I never gave it any serious thought.

When I got home from my most recent trip abroad, I once again had that feeling of “should I move back and see how it goes?” Then, the day after I got back, I was called for a meeting where I found out our salon owner was moving and our leases would be ending in a few months – which meant we had to move. Now, I’m a huge believer in signs and if it wasn't a slap in the face to just move I don't know what is. I debated for a while between Florida (because Disney of course) or Belgium. I eventually felt like Florida was the safe option and why play it safe after years of wanting to go back home? There aren’t any big commitments keeping me here in the states for now and Europe is calling!

Moving to Belgium!

So… Mons, Belgium here I come! This feels like the best time to be taking a giant leap into a new chapter. Family is really important to me and I have really felt pulled to be closer to my Grandma. I have been looking for an opportunity to spend quality time with her and help her out. THEN I got the incredible opportunity to interview with Khristine BeautyLab whose work I love. She is based in Paris so I will only be working a few weddings with her at first, but I’m honestly just excited to have already connected with some artists out there.

Being in Europe would be beneficial to me to launch my growing destination wedding business with both international and American clients who are in Belgium and surrounding countries. I'm SO excited to be able to combine my two passions and travel to new destinations. Countries like France, Italy, Scotland, Greece, and Switzerland are at the top of my list for destination weddings. If you're interested in tying the knot in any of these locations, let's chat! I'm open to working out a deal with you. I'm also excited to reconnect with my roots and offer makeup services in my hometown. This truly feels like a full circle moment for me, as I never imagined becoming a makeup artist when I was younger.

Note to my current brides:

If you’ve booked me for a wedding I WILL ABSOLUTELY HONOR MY COMMITMENT! I cannot wait to glam you up for your big day and have not taken any brides past my moving date.

Potential brides and clients:

My tentative moving date is end of March 2024. I will be taking new brides until February of 2024 (If this changes I’ll be sure to update everyone). If you are a new or current lash client, I'm excited to keep working with you through February 2024.

If you are a bride living in the US or abroad and are interested in my services for your wedding in Europe, you can get in touch here or fill out my bridal questionnaire. I would love to work with you!

Follow Along!

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