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Hi there! My name is Shae-Lyn and I'm the owner of Shae-lyn Margaux Makeup Artistry. I've always loved everything about the beauty industry but if you asked me a few years back if I thought I'd ever have a career in it I would've laughed and said " Who would ever want ME to do their makeup ?". Ha, little did I know I'd be a full time makeup artist. To sum up a little about myself I was born and raised in Belgium. It wasn't until I was ten that I'd fully speak English and move to the United States. It's definitely been a culture shock but I've gotten many great opportunities as you can see. I have to say that making people feel beautiful is a job title I love having and meeting such amazing people is just the cherry on top. I hope that we can get to know each other more over some palettes and brushes to let me do what I'm most passionate about.

xo, Shae-lyn

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